Ohana - Help!

“In this team we are Ohana- Ohana means family. In a family nobody gets left behind and no one is forgotten,” came the tiny voice of a PLAY camper describing her team after a difficult challenge.

PLAY camp is all about forging family, overcoming obstacles together, feeling safe stepping outside of our comfort zone as individuals because we know our team has got our back.

So why do I personally keep failing to learn this lesson over and over again? I just read my last blog where I go on and on about starting my own nonprofit from scratch and how it’s like walking a tight rope with no safety net. What a bunch of malarkey!

I stepped outside my comfort zone five years ago to start PLAY because I felt safe doing so knowing I was not alone. Hundreds of people encouraged me and donated the financial support to make it happen. Over the years, many have come overseas to serve, many have come alongside locally, and always always ALWAYS people have been there with hands upheld to stop PLAY fr…

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