Lockdown South Africa

Yesterday was the 10 th anniversary of the day I arrived in South Africa. I celebrated by going back and reading my early blogs (check out my archive  going back to 2010) and trying to remember that fresh-off-the-plane Lisa. So much has been packed into these years that I had forgotten many of the stories. I was struck by my sense of humor as I shared my experiences back then. Whoa, where’d that go? Now would be a good time to recapture that –– now that we are in the middle of a global pandemic. I see people from around the world creating and posting so many clever and funny photos, memes, and videos to help cheer the rest of us shut-ins. Not me, I start each day watching the news. I know, I know, not the best way to recapture my sense of humor and a positive outlook on life! But there is a desperate need to know what’s going on in the USA for the sake of my family and friends there, as well as a need to know what is going on here in South Africa for my own health and safe

Why South Africa?

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